About Eternity Gel Colors

Eternity Gel Colors were not created to be just another repitition of colors that are already available in the market. Eternity Gel Colors were created to be a symbol of MEANING and a medium of EXPRESSION. That means every time you wear an Eternity Gel Color on your nail, you are saying something both to yourself and to other people in the world around you.

With Eternity Gel Colors, your nails are not just to enhance your physical elegance, but are essential in broadcasting who you are and what you stand for, to the world.

FUN FACT #1: Research has shown that whenever people can express themselves or broadcast their identity in anyway, their self-esteem increases. With Eternity Gel Color, one of our goals therefore, is to help increase your self-esteem by helping you express yourself with your nails through color.

FUN FACT #2: The Eternity Gel Color can be used right to the last drop because of its low viscosity. It doesn’t settle nor separate, and there is no need to shake before use. Can be used on up to 90 times before exhausting one bottle.

Our Gel Color Collections

With Eternity Gel Color, we have curated for you 10 color collections that will elevate your self-esteem and make you feel alive whenever you wear them on your nails.

Each collection is furnished with 10-12 carefully selected colors that reflect a certain mood and represent a specific meaning.